Hands & Feet

We use OPI Nail Care products for your hands and feet. OPI is recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of professional hand, foot and nail care products.

File and Polish (15 mins)

File and Polish


Prescriptive Manicure (45 mins)

Individually designed for all nail types


Spa Aroma Pedicure (60 mins)

Hard skin removal, foot scrub, cuticle work, mask, foot and leg massage and file and polish.
(please bring flip flops with you)


Dual Spa Aroma Pedicure (60 mins)

A luxury treat for two people in our dual pedicure lounge
(please bring flip flops with you)


Afternoon Tea Spa Pedicure For 2

(60 minutes)

Be our guest, be our guest…..

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering afternoon tea for 2 people with a 60 minute spa pedicure in our nail lounge.





Callus Peel (30 mins)

Quick, effective hard skin reduction. Don’t just dream about pretty feet, let your therapist simply Callus Peel away the hard skin and calluses.

Calluses appear when pressure is applied to the feet over time, causing the skin to harden and calluses to appear. To treat both feet, this amazing treatment only takes 25 minutes. We recommend a treatment every 2-3 weeks, although results are seen after the first treatment. The treatment targets the hard skin / calluses on your feet with skin softening patches followed with scrapping away the hard skin leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalized.

Callus Peel


Callus Peel with a Pedicure


Gel Overlays

OPI ‘The everlasting treatment for hands and feet’

OPI is a blend of organic chemical compounds which is flexible and durable. It does not affect the metabolic action of your natural nail and can be easily removed without damaging your own nails. OPI Gel Colour is overlaid onto your natural nail to give strength and colour.

Gel Overlays On Hands Or Feet – Clear, Colour or French



Gel Overlays On Toes with Spa Pedicure


Elysium Pedicure Lounge